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Robelle Domain is a huge parklands located in Springfield that features picnic areas, treetop walks, a water play area for kids and much more

Robelle Domain

What Is Robelle Domain?

Spread over 24 hectares and featuring 11km of boardwalks, sporting fields, walking tracks and playgrounds, it is an understatement to proclaim that Robelle Domain is huge – these sprawling parklands located in Springfield are a true paradise for families.

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Located in the center of Robelle Domain is a large amphitheater known as “The Circle”, where various public events are held including live jazz afternoons and markets. There is even a nightly sound and light show to cap off your day that features 9m high artistic light towers and interactive surround sound audio.

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Next to The Circle, you will find the zero-depth water play area for children featuring huge tipping buckets, jet sprays and much more. This unfenced playground has dry and wet sections, a rubber floor for extra safety and is surrounded by seating areas for parents and caregivers.

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Here you will also find the Robelle Cafe which is fully licensed and open from 7:00AM – 6:00PM, 7 days.

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If eating out is not your thing, there are plenty of shaded areas scattered through the parklands including picnic shelters with tables and barbeques.

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Robelle Domain has plenty more to offer including a large lake, waterfalls, land art pyramids, exhibition gardens, a treetop rain forest walk and much more!

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If that wasn’t enough to get you excited though, our favorite part of Robelle Domain would have to be the large new world class swimming lagoon dubbed “Orion Lagoon”. Check out our post on Orion Lagoon for more info!

What Else Should I Know About Robelle Domain?

Robelle Domain caters to special needs by providing a liberty swing, wheelchair-accessible public toilets and plenty of bike and walking paths that are perfect for people in wheelchairs to explore.

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How Do I Get To Robelle Domain?

Robelle Domain is located at 155 Southern Cross Circuit, Springfield Central. For more information, check out the detailed map below:

What Should I Bring To Robelle Domain?

We recommend bringing along some simmers and an extra change of clothes. As always we also recommend bringing some somescreen, a hat and some good, ankle supporting footwear.

What Do You Think?

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